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Here is a recipe for really really easy breakfast rolls.  And they are yummy too :-)


  1. 1 pack of dry yeast
  2. 5 dL of lukewarm water
  3. 3 dL of quick oats
  4. 4 dL of flour
  5. 1½ tsp. of salt


The night before you are going to bake them: Add the dry yeast to the lukewarm water, making sure to stir it well, and let it sit for a few minutes.  If you are having trouble activating the yeast, add a pinch of sugar or honey.  If you are using live/fresh yeast, you only need a small piece - what you can take off with the edge of a knife. 

When the yeast and water is ready (small bubbles are forming), add the rest of the ingredients.  Mix the ingredients well with a big spoon.  As you can see in the pictures below, the dough has to be quite loose and sticky. The bread does not need to be kneaded - it will take care of this overnight by itself.  Cover the bowl with plastic wrap and put in the fridge overnight.

The next morning, preheat the oven to 245C/475F with the air on (if you have a fan in your oven, otherwise don't :-).  The dough should have risen to twice the size of the night before. Scoop the dough with a spoon onto a baking sheet. When the oven is pre-heated, turn it down to 225C/435F, with the fan still on, and bake for 15 minutes.  If you are using a gas oven, make sure to bake the rolls in the middle to top of the oven, otherwise the rolls will be toast on the buttom.

And VOILA! Rolls for breakfast, and your fingers don't even get dirty! 

Here are pictures you can use for inspiration.

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