May 10, 2015

As we're still waiting to get Johan Marius into a daycare (he's on the wait-list at several places), I've been trying to fill our days with more interesting things than laundry and dishes :-) The weather has only recently started to accommodate outdoor activities, but thankfully there are some cool indoor options available...such as swimming! 

The swimming pool is quite close to us and the bus goes right by, so Johan Marius and I have been going at least once a week. It's an amazing facility with cool features such as a spectacular view, a smaller warm pool, a sauna and a bubble bath (not hot tub, but an area of the main pool with bubble jets). There are a lot of foam toys and arm floats to use as well, which makes taking the little guy there by myself much easier. His favorite toy is a foam tugboat that he can sit on. Jesper and I took him swimming this morning and he had a blast having us push him back and forth on the boat!

Below is a picture of the amazing view from the pool. It overlooks the fjord to Qinngorput, the area of the city where we live, and Store Malene, the mountain. It's amazing to be in the warm water looking out at that view on a freezing cold, snowy day. I'm so happy to have this at our disposal.