Every year Johan Marius' and Oliver's daycare goes on a camping trip. It is only for the bigger kids and Johan Marius being 3 years old, he IS one of the bigger kids.  SO we sent him off Monday the 9th and picked him up again today, Friday the 13th. It is also not a 'normal' camping trip - the daycare sails into the fjord, no cell reception, no showers and no running water.  We are lucky with Greenland, because you can drink the water that comes off the mountains, so it is not like they had to go thirsty.  Johan Marius was therefore dropped of at a pier in Nuuk, and off they sailed. Five days later they came back, Johan Marius happy as a clam, albeit tired and dirty!

I think the trip was as much a test to most of the parents, as it was to any of the kids. 

Personally I feel lucky that we live in a place where this is possible :-)   

Check out the pictures of his departure.

The daycare will probably upload pictures of the actual trip on their website soon - we will share the link here as well!