So winter is here :-)   There is a standing joke in Nuuk about storms in especially Denmark (due to the ties) but it goes for most other places as well.  In the past few years in Denmark, storms have been given names, and there is always a dramatic news anchor with wind in her hair, telling people "This is going to get really windy".  There are no names for storms in Greenland. It snows a lot, it gets really cold and some days it blows a lot.   People still go to work, they put the clothes on that's appropriate for the weather, and go on with their everyday business.  For instance, we had a storm (or hurricane if you will, there was a lot of wind and snow) a few weeks ago.  The airport less than a mile from us was closed for 3 days due to the wind, which topped out at 60 m/s or 130 mph.  I am not saying that the storms in Denmark are not bad, people up here just think it is funny that they have to have names... that's all :-)   Greenland would run out of names rather quickly :-)

Anyway, just a little spiel about the weather.  Other than the storms, it really is a beautiful place :-)

We had the pleasure of hosting Thanksgiving in our home a few weeks back. Laura has met another American in town, a woman named Sheena from Georgia, who we celebrated Thanksgiving with along with her husband and a colleague of Jesper's visiting from Denmark with his family.  It was a really nice evening, even though we actually did not celebrate it on the given Thursday, but the Saturday following.  Thanksgiving is fo course not a holiday in Greenland, so to not stress out the 5 hour turkey, we chose to move the event a few days. We came extremely close to making a real Thanksgiving dinner, incl. turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie, gravy... you name it.  It was great :-)

We have also uploaded a few other pictures from Thanksgiving and the days before and after.  There is a picture of Johan Marius blowing bubbles, Jesper babysitting a colleague's son at work (awesome desk decoration), Johan Marius making pizza and watching the rest of the turkey being boiled into broth. Last but not least, there is also a picture of the band TV2 (they are world famous in Denmark), who made an appearance at Jesper's christmas work dinner.