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It has been a little quiet here in Greenland, mainly because we had Oliver 5 weeks ago :-)  5 weeks have now passed, and we are slowly getting into a routine. Oliver seems to sleep 2 x 3-4 hours every night, +/- the nights where he is a little gassy.  Johan Marius is also doing great. We would be lying if we said he had not reacted to the arrival of Oliver, but now that the first month has passed, Johan Marius seems to have adjusted. Johan Marius adores Oliver and thinks he is really sweet, a lot of hugs and kisses are shared, which is great. Johan Marius mainly reacted towards his parents, testing his limits, trying to figure out his 'new' spot. Luckily it seems to have calmed down. 

In July we had a birthday girl in the house. Laura turned 32, which was celebrated with brunch at home - full of pancakes, eggs, bacon, danishes and so on.  Jesper took the day off, so it was nice to have a little time together. 

We also had a royal visit in Nuuk. The Danish Queen and Prince Consort visited, arriving in their ship named after the Danish flag 'Dannebrog'.  It is probably the most well kept ship in the Royal Danish Navy. If you want to read more about the ship, here is a link to Wikipedia :-) It was fun to see the ship. We did not see much to the actual Royal family, but never the less she is a beautiful boat. 

Johan Marius has also been joining Jesper for a few ship calls through work. Johan Marius is quite thrilled with being in the port and onboard the big vessels that Jesper handles through his work. You can see a picture here, where we are waiting for a small tanker to be ready for boarding - hard hat and everything. The ships also enjoy having Johan Marius on board, quite often getting spoiled with hot cocoa, fruit or even candy.  

Right before Oliver was born, all three of us went sailing with Kristian, a colleague of Jesper's. It was nice to be on the water again, enjoying the nature and absolute silence you get in these remote areas. There are also a few pictures of Johan Marius playing with his friend Nivi. You can see all of the pictures here.

We hope you are all doing well - we are :-)