For quite a few years I have been thinking about building my own speakers. However, the thought of figuring out the filter and drive units, and just trying to build up the know-how to actually do it, seemed a bit daunting. I very randomly stumbled across a website called, where you can buy a kit with all parts needed. The only thing you need is a way to build your speaker houses and solder the filters - some knowledge of electrical diagrams is also needed, but after refreshing my skills as an electrician (haven't soldered anything for 15 years) and studying the electrical diagram, it wasn't that difficult. 

It was a fun project. I am still missing the spikes for the speakers and 12 black screws, but other than that they are all done. 

Next time I build speakers, there are a few things that will be done differently though.  Learning by doing, right?  

 - I want a table saw, so I can cut exactly the measurements I want. Way too much time was spent sanding and filing, and the speaker house is not exactly perfect.  

 - Then I need a circular adapter for my router, so the holes for the drivers can be cut exactly circular.  The result I have on the blue houses are not bad, but also not great. 

The soldering was fun to do again, I almost wish there was more of it. It was just as fun soldering, putting the dampening material in the houses and installing the drivers - as it was building the actual houses.  I am glad Laura supports me in this, because there will be more of it :-)   (Maybe I'll build a GIANT sub-woofer next time)

Anyway, lots of pictures under 'Pictures'.

~ Jesper