We finally received a daycare/børnehave spot for Johan Marius!!! He started on June 15th at Meeqerivik Mikisoq and is now on his 3rd week. It's a private, mainly Danish-speaking integrated daycare, which means that they are split into a 'vuggestue', for the babies (0-3), and a 'børnehave' (3-6). I used to work at Mikisoq when we lived in Nuuk last time, which makes the whole experience really nice for us. Some of the teachers are the same and we know their style and policies - such as being outside as much as possible!

Johan Marius fell right into the rhythm and has been doing great! It only took him a few days to adjust to the new routine. The first day, I left him for an hour and they called me to come back as he was upset. We ate lunch with the other kids and then went home to nap. The second day, he and I agreed he would eat lunch and sleep there, then I would pick him up, which went well. The third day, same thing, only when I came to get him in the early afternoon, he asked me to leave and come back later! We love that he's outside every day, sometimes most of the day, and that he comes home dirty, tired and happy every day. He quickly made friends with the children and teachers and seems to have one or two favorites.  

Most days, if I pick him up too early, I have to hang out while he finishes playing on the playground before we can walk down to the Blue Water office, which is just down the hill from the daycare. Johan Marius loves 'picking up Far', as he calls it, and getting to hang out at Blue Water for 10-15 minutes while Jesper finishes up work. He's become good friends with the office and warehouse staff and knows almost everyone by name. He has also managed to charm some of them into giving him a ride on the fork trucks when they're not in use!