May 12, 2015

Only 8 more weeks to go...not that I'm counting down or anything ;-) We had our second check-up with the midwife today and all is well with Baby Ø. Growth and position is good and I'm healthy, so we are happy. Midwives are so cool, I must say. I wish I could have seen one when I was pregnant with Johan Marius. She really feels the belly and knows what she's talking about when she says, 'Oh, the head is here...this is the rump.' The whole birthing process here, as I understand it, is much more holistic and natural. The health system is geared towards giving birth as naturally as possible, which means avoiding C-sections unless absolutely necessary, and no drugs. Since there are no insurance companies and its not a litigious society, the caregivers can focus on what is best for the patient, not how to make the most money or avoid a lawsuit. I feel like I'm in much better hands than in the US, since I don't need any special care. If something were seriously wrong with me or the baby, then I understand why people feel more comfortable giving birth in Denmark (or the US) where there is greater access to state-of-the-art medical equipment. Actually, if special treatment is needed that can't be provided in Nuuk, patients are sent to Copenhagen for treatment, or delivery. 

Anyway, we also had our last ultrasound, did the last two weeks go slowly waiting for this appointment...and thankfully it showed that the placenta has moved higher into the uterus and I won't have to have another C-section!!! Woohoo!!!!! I'm thrilled about that, but also anxious since I haven't tried anything different. Eight weeks to if one can prep for delivery. 

Since my due date is July 5th, I might trying walking all over the city on the 3rd in the hopes of having a July 4th baby! It was also my maternal grandmother's birthday, which would be sweet, and easy to remember. Walking all over Manhattan sure helped Johan Marius come 8 days early, so I guess it's worth a try :-)

Here's a picture of the belly, or should I say basketball, under my shirt. Jesper held a basketball up next to my belly last weekend and it's not that far off in size and shape!