When we were living around the Big Apple, I got a taste for building in wood.  This mounted to two different projects, the first being a desk for Laura and then a desk for myself. 

Laura's desk turned out nicely, I never ended up taking any pictures of the progress, but I have attached a picture below in its finished state. Laura wanted a classic desk with a big drawer, so I tried my best to hit something like that.  I am not nearly skilled enough to actually build from a plan, so I cut, sanded, glued and so on, as the pieces came together. 

Laura's Desk

After being done with Laura's desk, which took close to 8 months, I swore not to do a project that size without having an actual shop again. That lasted for about 6 months, when I started working on a desk for myself. This time something a little more high tech.  I have always enjoyed building my own computers and playing around with hardware, so I thought "why not combine the two". This resulted in a desk with my computer in atoms for way too long, but the result was worth the wait... if you ask me :-)   

I have uploaded a bunch of pictures under the link 'Pictures' above, enjoy.

- Jesper


Sneak Peak: