The Kaffemik!


Castle Øraker

Søbredden 37


4000 Roskilde


So what is a Kaffemik?  Kaffemik is derived from the Danish word "kaffe", meaning coffee, and the Greenlandic word "mik", which means 'to meet'. Kaffemik basically means a gathering around coffee. Any word ending in -mik will mean that you gather socially around an activity or thing, to celebrate or enjoy yourself, ex. skiingmik or snowmobilemik :-)

Kaffemiks are typically informal. Normally Kaffemiks are limited to a certain time, such as 2pm - 6pm or 6pm till you go home.  You can come for as long or as short as you want, there is no commitment to stay for hours on end. You also do not need to wear fancy clothes, it is usually very down to earth. There is usually a lot of cake and other foods to eat. Some say there should be at least 10 different kinds of cake! In general, Kaffemiks are a very nice and cosy (hyggelig) time, where you just hang out, eat, and socialize until you want to go home. And you also do not have to be there at exactly the invited time - it is more than okay to come an hour or two after the start time.

So with that being said, come to our Kaffemik, dressed informally, stay as long or as short as you want, come when you want and have a good time :-)

There will be brunch foods and cake...though maybe not 10 different kinds. 

See you all there!